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Adil Omar

Paki Rambo x Margalla King

Digital Entertainment

Digital Entertainment World

Digital Entertainment World is one of its kind company, providing unmatched, quality and unique content to the VAS market. Being flag bearer of legitimate content, we are providing digital content (text-based services, IVR, web, WAP, video and audio) to all mobile platforms in Pakistan. Our business model has also attracted interest of international companies and platforms from South Asia, Far East, Middle East and Europe.

Abdullah Qureshi

Abdullah Qureshi

Abdullah Qureshi is a self-taught singer/musician who is currently playing with his band which his also called "Abdullah Qureshi". He has done sessions with various bands such as Aaraiz, Atrox and Angry Birds and has played for Aghosh and Zynk as a full time band member. Besides that you can check out his covers on YouTube, just type "Abdullah Qureshi" and you're ready to experience a new fresh voice.

Zoe Viccaji

Zoe Viccaji

Alina Naghman


After10 years and 3 break-ups,this band still survives with only 2 albums and a 100 songs in the safety vault...GOD IS KIND FOR SURE ;)

Sarwan Baloch

Mustufa Pervez

For concerts & bookings : Sarwan Baloch ( 0321-2166001 )



Having sold over 30,000 records and performed at the Olympic Games, Zameer has the following achievements on the Billboard charts: - #73 on Hot 100 for song "Glory of Love" (2011) - #5 on Emerging Artists charts (2011) - #1 on Next Big Sound Social Media Growth charts (2012) His song "Win or Defeat" licensed as a theme song for the 2010 Paralympics, and performed at the 2010 Vancouver Games.

Saad Sultan

Saad Sultan

After working with artists like Jal, Noori, Khawar Jawad, Jawad Ahmed, Farhan Saeed (Pi Jaoon), QB(Akhiyaan Nu), Rizwan Anwar(Laiyaan Laiyaan) and Omer Nadeem for a long time, Saad Sultan has taken a step further. Having released hits like "Pi Jaoon", "Laiyaan Laiyaan", "Akhiyaan Nu Rehn De" and "Baliyay", Saad plans to release his debut album very soon.



Rapper, Music Producer & Sound Engineer Instagram: TAZZZARTIST



If you blend a rustic voice with some Sufi/Tasawwuf thought, a Sufi posture with a Sufi trademark, some catchy melodies upon Sufi chants that assimilate through your ears to your soul. It would bring to your mind only one name, and that is Asrar. A guy born on the 20th of April 1985 in Azad Jamu Kashmir. In his childhood while playing and walking in the valleys, seeing the sky, the little child used to write some lines and compose some tunes upon those. And he kept on asking himself that why every tune is different from other? Later in 1992 his father posted to the city situated at the bank of River Sindh, Haiderabad. He found Ustad Sultan Ahmad Khan in 2005 and asked him the same question, why every tune is different from the other? who later answered him by teaching the basics of classical music from where he learned and polished his voice. In 2007 he took permission and prayers from his Ustad and thought of trying his luck in the Pakistani music industry and with this aim he moved to Lahore in 2007. he won “All Pakistan music conference” stood first and then he started a production house with his friends and launched his first single ‘Ni saiyo’ in 2011. Which remained hit on the charts for a period comprising more than two years. He then made his second song ‘Chalak Chalak’ and later released many other hits. In his studio he writes and composes his own songs and also composes songs and writes lyrics for other singers too. Other than that he’s currently working on audio and videos for his up coming album too.

Arslan Asif

Arslan Asif

Arslan Asif, An Accomplished Musician in Rock Genre is Taking The Industry To A Revolutionary New Level.

Jasim Haider And The Pindi Boys

Jasim Haider

Singer,Songwriter,Blues and Guitar Player.


Talha Nadeem

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure and commitment. I never have a fear of failure, I'm passionate in doing what I want. When words fail music speaks... Music is my passion, whereby i am living a dream. Dreams became destiny and destiny was sure to win. Here I am, as I travel along the way to achieve excellence I hope I'll receive support from You all. Talha Nadeem welcomes you to a world where melody is "destiny", music notes are "lifeblood", rhythm is a "divine dimension" and music itself is the "Language of love"..........!!!! Love Music... Love Life. Book Talha Nadeem and his Band for your show. Contact Manager: 03441482112 E-mail:

Shehzad Bhanji


Shehzad Bhanji is a dedicated instrumental rock guitarist and financial marketer established in Doha, Qatar. While the two professions are not readily correlated, they play a vital role in configuring the musician’s life as it is today. Shehzad was raised in Karachi, the largest and most populous city in Pakistan. He grew a deeply rooted interest in electric and acoustic guitar. However, when he showed interest in learning to play, he was foolishly told that a left-handed person could not . Unrelenting by nature, Shehzad quickly taught himself to play with his right hand in as early as two weeks. Excited that he could pursuit a career doing something that brought him much joy, Shehzad eventually formed a band with his cousins. The youthful group dabbled in classic rock, blues, and melodic rock. They developed a local fan base, becoming notorious in the area. Unfortunately, the successful talents would soon experience an indefinite halt in their advancement. The group was coming of age, and each member found themselves being pulled in the direction of their educational obligations. They faced separation as vast as entire countries. After weighing their options the group decided to take a break, but made commitments to one day reunite. As life would have it, the group was never able to reunite. Shehzad, well-established in his career in financial marketing wasn’t yet fulfilled, so he decided to pick up where he left off in his music career. He was compelled by a deep desire to touch the lives of others through his music. The determined musician worked arduously to create his new sound. He allowed himself to draw inspiration from artists like Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Eric Clapton to influence the works he created. His music is unprecedented in that its powerful melodies and the various instruments he uses are vast and wide. He uses instrumentals that force an emotional connection with its listeners. Shehzad doesn’t just seek to make music for his own enjoyment, he also takes his audience into consideration. Every melody, every beautiful texture, every blend of sound narrates a story that takes the listeners on a unique inner journey. After much development and refurbishing and with much support from his loving wife, Shehzad released his first album, Never Say Goodbye, as a solo artist. Since then, the album has received numerous positive reviews. Heath Andrews reviewed it as “a very impressive work that is far and away consistently daring.” praised it as “infinitely enjoyable” with “a sound not dissimilar from that of Connan Mockasin’s sweet sensitive sounds.” Shehzad is climbing his way to the top in the music industry, while maintaining his excelling career in financial marketing. His next album Profound Beginnings is scheduled to be released March 2017. Be sure to keep your eye on this budding artist, as he persists to share his talents with the world!

Inteha The Band


“Inteha” takes its inspiration from the basics and roots of rock. It includes all out, straight shooter rock. Unadulterated and unrefined rock. Raw and revolutionary rock. Soulful and meaningful rock. Sensible and emotional rock. Music in its true essence is that which materializes from the chords of the heart and plays out on the chords of an instrument. It is this materialization of emotion at all levels and category of expression that defines “Inteha’s” musical philosophy. Based on outstanding guitar structures ranging from blues to power cuts, spiced with a bass line that mesmerizes the auditory senses and topped with supreme drumming and percussion sequences; “Inteha” lays the foundation of the “Unsignature” concept, where every track is an individual with its own ideology of expression and outcome of sound.

ARY Entertainment


ARY Digital is the most watched Entertainment channel in Pakistan. ARY Digital is the flagship channel of ARY Network.

Cornetto Pop Rock

Cornetto Pop Rock

The 2016 line up for Cornetto Pop Rock performers includes only the gurus of the music fraternity, these include Ali Azmat, Komal Rizvi, Noori, Umair Jaswal & Zoe Viccaji. If that’s not enough we might witness two spectacular wild card performances of Q from JoSh and the Pakistani superstar Ali Zafar.

Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani is a Pakistani singer, songwriter, and philanthropist. She has received numerous local and international awards

Raeth Band

Raeth Band

Kamran Rashid Khan


Lazarus is a Pakistani-American rapper/doctor based out of Detroit, Michigan. He was recently invited to Def Jam Founder Russell Simmons' home to perform where he received a standing ovation from Russell Simmons himself. Video of the event on website:

Levis Live


Levi's Pakistan brings to you a one-of-a-kind music platform: Levi's Live. Subscribe to our channel and witness the revival of live music in Pakistan!



PepsiCo is a world leader in convenient snacks, foods and beverages with revenues of more than $43 billion and over 198,000 employees.

Atif Ali

Atif Ali

Atif Ali is a Dubai based artist, inspired by Rock and Classical Music. He was the lead vocalist/Guitarist of the Dubai based Renowned band, Streben

DJ Aishah

One Empire Music

Welcome to One Empire, An organisation Specialising in Events, Media and Music Production. One Empire's Main Aim is to Help Support Charitable Projects Through the Entertainment And Music Industry



A new upcoming Solo Artist. He is a very talented Musician and Singer.


Alhamra Unplugged

A project by Alhamra Arts Council.

Sahibzada Abbas Khan

Abbas Ali Khan

Welcome to Abbas Ali Khan's official facebook page. For information on Abbas, click on the 'About' tab below. For booking inquires, send an email to


Ali Haider

Ali Haider is a Pakistani Singer and Actor. He grew up in the neighborhood of Firdous Colony in Karachi, and was pursuing a degree in engineering at NED University when his showbiz career began. He has had numerous hits in the early 90s such as Purani Jeans, Qarar, Chahat. He also had a big hit later in the 1990s with Chand Sa Mukhra. Since the 1990s, Ali Haider has produced over seventeen music albums of which dozens of songs were top hits and became very popular. These earned him a place among the top singers of Pakistan. His first album was Jane Jan Sun which included the title songs of jawaniyan, and Dhoop Kinare sung along with Nayyara Noor. This album was released by EMI and is obsolete in market; however, it may be found in some collections. The 2nd album he released was titled "Chahat", the music of which was given by Bunny and had a song with Sadaf Munir (now Sadaf Iqbal). That album was purchased by HMV India. Two of the most popular songs from the album were "Chahat" and "Ajnabi". With the moderate success of his second album, he released his third album, titled Qarar, which was much better than his previous two albums. It consisted of songs such as Qarar (the title song), Shehnahee and Jadu Kiya, which went on to become top hits. Amir khan, Bunny and Ali Haider himself, composed the music of this album. As Haider improved so did his music, his fourth album, Sandesa produced the hit songs Purani Jeans and Sandesa, which went to the top of the charts and remained at the top for a number of weeks. His next album, Pakola Album did moderately well with songs such as Zaalim Nazron Say and Laila making it into the charts. His sixth album, Dastaan is known to be the best album Haider has produced since his career started. It shot straight to number one and brought him great popularity at that time. In this album he produced a variety of music genres that suited pretty much anyone. The songs responsible for his popularity were Walawai, Papa Mummi and Ranjha Heer. After some time, Haider released the album "The Best of Ali Haider", which pretty much summoned up that he is ending his music career. The album included all his major hits and favorite songs he had produced in the past. Some of the songs included in this collection were Purani Jeans, Walawai, Qarar and Sandesa. After a gap of three years Haider released two more albums Mahi and Saaiyan, which along with some new tracks also included the remix versions of his classic hits, Purani Jeans and Qarar. The two experiments that he did in the course of his career were his debut film, Chalo Ishq Laraein, and his first trance album, Jadu. Jadu was released before its time. At that time, trance music was relatively new in UK, it wasn't there in India and it wasn't in Pakistan at all. No one had done trance music in Urdu and it was a big jump from 'Saiyaan' and 'Mahi', plus the video was very bold too. So with a very mediocre response from Jadu, the grapevine got that he was at the crossroad of his musical career, but he proved everyone wrong one more time by giving his hit single Chandni Raatein, which was an instant hit among the masses. Even his next album, Tera Naam Liya Tou was a huge success in Pakistan and especially UK, and made it to the number one spot on BBC Asia. His whole tour was a hit because of its title track. Besides singing, he has acted in numerous TV serials on PTV. Among the successful dramas was Chand Sa Mukhra, which used his hit song as the theme music. He also sang the theme music for the serial Chandni Raatein. He is currently working on the sitcom titled, “eik aur eik dhai”, besides acting in this romantic comedy; he has even composed and sung the title track of it. Haider released his 15th Album in 2007 titled "Jaaney Do", which had a semi-classical feel in most of its tracks and reflected a more mature side of his singing and personality. For personal reasons Haider took a hiatus from music in 2009 and became a Sanah khuwan. During this time he did not use music at any level to express himself and rather released various religious albums in the course of the next three years, and conveyed his then state of mind only through reading and reciting, which helped him realize his spiritual side. But after taking a three years gap from music he returned with his album "Kee Jana Main Kuan”, which was released in the year 2012 by EMI music India. It was like his come back music album focusing on the sayings and poetry of Sufi saints like Baba Bulley shah and Sultan Bahu to name a few. And hoping to revive the dying pop genre again, he once more started composing songs, which have meaning, love and compassion and released his last album in early 2013 titled, “Bachpan Ki Badami Yadein”. In true form this album was his come back album, his return to his first love, which is music. Each and every song in this album is very distinctive and narrative (a true Ali Haider style) in nature. He dedicated this album to both his daughters who he considers the sole reason for his return to music. Recently he hosted a very unique show called “ya raheem ya rehmaan” for abb takk channel in Pakistan. This ramzaan special series became an instant hit for its exceptional format and for the way he explained the various aspects of Islam and humanity. Another distinct thing about this show was the live qawwallis that he performed with pakistan’s famous qawwal troup, Taji Brothers at the end of every episode. He doesn’t mind being called the ‘one hit wonder’ and totally believes that whatever he has achieved in his musical career it is mainly because of his super hit track ‘purani jeans’, which is like a youth anthem across Pakistan and India and with the South Asian expatriates around the world. And so owing it all to all his fans and with the ever-popular demand of this track he is all set to revisit purani jeans one more time and is releasing an all-together different version of it in collaboration with a famous Kolkata based DJ, akash rohira. The track is a club-mix and comes along with a very funky video. The album is being released by HMV saregama India, the same company that released purani jeans for the first time way back in 1993. Haider doesn’t want to get mixed up with what people say, rather just wants his work to speak for him. He says, “I am an artist, a singer and a performer and all that I am, I am because god has given me this gift and talent, which gives me the opportunity to bring in some peace and happiness in the lives of my listeners, be that be through my music or devotional poetry”. And so with this sole thought in his mind he has decided to do both popular music and religious poetry simultaneously and hopes to reach out to all his fans just through his voice. Albums * Jane Jan Sun – 1987 * Chahat – 1989 * Tarang – 1990 * Qarar – 1991 * Qarar 2 - 1992 * Sandesa – 1993 * Sanwala Saloona – 1994 * Dastaan – 1995 * Jania – 1996 * Chand Sa Mukhda - 1996 * Mahi – 1998 * Saiyyaan – 1999 * Jadu – 2000 * Chandni Raatein – 2002 * Tera Naam Liya To – 2003 * Purani Jeans (Remixes) – 2006 * Jaanay Do – 2007 * Stop and Think …? – 2009 * Moula Dil Badal Dey – 2009 * Shor Hai Mehshar Ka – 2010 * Kee Jana Main Kaun – 2011 * Asgharam Aei Noor - 2012 * Main Hoon Ghlulam-e-Ali - [Manqabat] 2012 * Ya Ali Ya Hussain A.S [Nohay 2013] * Bachpan Ki Badami Yadein - 2013 * Ya Raheem Ya Rehmaan - 2013 * Salam Arz-e-Karbala - 2013 * Purani Jeans 2 Revisited - 2nd,April,2014 FAN PAGE

Jib Khan

Starflight - Starflight is a studio band from Sydney Australia, lead by singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, and producer Jib Khan. Originally formed earlier this century as a duo act comprising of Jib along with keyboardist/backing vocalist Damien Spanjer, their mission statement was to bring back the vintage sounds of the 60s, 70s, and 80s for a new age. They released their debut album ‘Adventure Beyond’ and first single ‘Phasers On Stun’ in 2013. The year was rounded out with Starflight nominated in no less than four categories at the Australian Indie Music Awards. In September 2014 Damien announced his departure from the band, leaving Jib firmly at the helm. Created in Sydney, Los Angeles, Reykjavik, Islamabad & New York, Jib has just released Starflight’s second album ‘World Premiere’ with lead single ‘Wicked Woods’.

Shamoon Ismail


Singer, Song-Writer Snapchat - ShamoonIsmail



Formed by guitarist Kashan Admani, fusion pop-rock band Mizmaar rose to fame in their native Pakistan with their debut album Kash, the release producing two hit singles for the songs ‘Kash’ and ‘Laut Ke Aa’ in 2003. Their second album, Sitara, was released worldwide on Universal Music in 2007, and spawned the hits ‘Hai Pyar Kya’ and ‘Sitara,’the latter landing on a soundtrack to the Hollywood film ‘Dragon War.’ Despite their early success, the band has been plagued by several personnel changes, prompting Kashan to focus more on his recording studio and commercial music production company, collaborating with longtime friend, band mate and drummer Alfred D’Mello. The band was silent for several years, until Kashan and Alfred happened upon a young vocalist who inspired them to reform Mizmaar with a new front man and a revitalized sound, going on to release their first single in seven years, Jee Loonga. During the process of rediscovering their sound and rebuilding their brand, they were presented with the opportunity to collaborate with several celebrity singers, notably Dr. Palash Sen from the hugely popular Indian band Euphoria, who is the featured vocalist on Mizmaar’s newest release. Adding to the mystique, the band will feature a different singer on every new single, singers whose identities will be revealed as each song is released. Mizmaar’s latest incarnation will be a new and unique experience, infusing their classic style with new energy at each and every outing.

EMI Pakistan

Nahid Akhtar

Naheed Akhtar (also spelled Nahid Akhtar) is a Pakistani playback singer.She was born in Multan,Pakistan. She was discovered by veteran musician M Ashraf in the mid-1970's as a teenage sensation. Initially, Naheed Akhtar was a replacement of Runa Laila, who had left Pakistan the same year to go to Bangladesh but soon Naheed Akhtar became a well established artist and one of the most famous singers in her own right in Pakistan. Her debut film was Nanha Farishta in 1974 and that same year she sang songs in the film Shama.Increasingly,though,Naheed Akhtar became more interested in building a career as a film playback singer compared to a career at Pakistan Television where she was first working.She ended up having a very successful career as a film playback singer for Pakistani films in the 1970's and early 1980's.She married a journalist Asif Ali Pota in the mid-1980's and then she decided to leave the film world.

Arieb Azhar

Arieb Azhar

Arieb Azhar’s mesmerizing songs about love, compassion and humanist values hail from the tradition of the Sufi bards of the Subcontinent. His music is an eclectic mix of Folk and Contemporary, with influences ranging from Indo-Pak to Balkan and Irish-Celtic.

Hassan Jamil Khan

Jimmy Khan

Hassan Jamil Khan, popularly known as Jimmy Khan is widely regarded as one of the most talented and entertaining musicians in Pakistan for his superb voice, wide repertoire and profound song writing style.



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Abrar Ul Haq

Abrar Ul Haq

Listen and download Abrar ul Haq's new album, Aithay Rakh - Billo Returns, songs exclusively on . Get your Taazi App now from Google PlayStore or Apple Store (iTunes). Abrar ul haq is famous Pakistani pop, bhangra, and folk musician and politician. He is also the President of Youth Wing of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. On his first album "Billo De Ghar" his name appears as simply "Abrar". Before becoming a singer, he was a Geography teacher at the Aitchison College in Lahore. He is current Chairman of Youth Parliament of Pakistan.