Get tangled in her gorgeous curls!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Annie is how she’s crowned in her curls.

Today when we went through her Insta account, it turned out that even in most of her uploaded photos, she has talked about the struggles, beauty, longevity, strength, texture and colors…    OF HER HAIR!

It really makes me happy 🙂

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Get to know these 20 things about her

 Annie Khalid, who became famous after the release of her first catchy song Mahiya, is a voracious reader and has started her own makeup line is proud to have beautiful natural long curly hair.

For all those who keep asking if I perm my hair!! Throw back baby annie 🙂

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Download Mahiya

Here are few interesting posts she has done about her hair:

She simply loves it

I would never straighten my hair to impress a boy #curlsforeverbaby

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 Download Vari Vari By Annie Khalid

When her adorable niece drew her

This caption is super cute


We feel you


One of the biggest struggles

 Download Tharki Sala

That’s what we call a looooot of hair.


MashAllah brother


She’s beautiful both ways

 Listen to Annie Khalid

Easy game

Non curly : hey can I borrow a brush? Me: do I look like I brush my hair?

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She has curly hair and never wished that it was straight. Tag your curly haired friend who feels likewise!


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