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Season 1

Released In 2013
Genre: Animation,Action

Produced By : Unicorn Black
Director : Haroon
Writer : Arslan Naseer, Adi Abdurab, Ghaniah Ejaz, Haroon  
Cast : Voice Over by: Hamza Abbasi, A...   Read more

Description :  Burka Avenger is an Emmy nominated and multi-award winning animated television series produced by Unicorn Black. The series follows the adventures of Burka Avenger and three young kids in the imaginar...  Read more

Staff Pick
EP1 Girls School is Shutdown

Aired On :  July 28, 2013

Halwapur's corrupt political leader Vadero Pajero is receiving funds from a charity to run the girls’ school. He decides to keep this in his pocket and conspires with the evil Baba Bandook to shut d... Read more

Season 1 Episodes
EP13 Doomsday Machine

      Aired On :  October 20, 2013

    Doomsday Machine (The power of truth). Miss Jiya teaches her school children about the dangers of guns and weapons. Meanwhile, Baba Bandook builds the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, the Doomsday...   Read more

    EP10 Discrimation and Pop Stars Josh The Band

        Aired On :  September 29, 2013

      Equality and discrimination Vadero Pajero wants to drive out the Mooli family from their farm so that he can build a two star hotel on that location. He hires Baba Bandook to turn the people of Halwap...   Read more

      EP9 Burkanator

          Aired On :  September 22, 2013

        Don’t judge a book or burka by its cover. Baba Bandook has created the Burkanator, a robotic doppelganger of the Burka Avenger. The Burkanator commits evil acts turning the people of Halwapur agains...   Read more

        EP8 Books on the Bonefire

            Aired On :  September 15, 2013

          Importance of books and knowledge. Baba Bandook and his henchmen steal every single book in Halwapur. His reasons are twofold. One, so that he alone will hold all the knowledge and secondly, without b...   Read more

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