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Season Episodes
EP13 Talent Show

      Aired On :  February 18, 2015

    After the rare gem known as the Halwapur-e-Noor is discovered on Halwapur’s Talent Show Trophy, all the residents of Halwapur want to take part in the Talent Show to try their hand at winning the es...   Read more

    EP12 Standing Up For Your Rights and Against Evil

        Aired On :  February 17, 2015

      Baba Bandook traps Burka Avenger in a warehouse. To escape the warehouse, Burka Avenger has to defeat a series of villains sent by Baba Bandook. Once she has defeated all her foes, she has to confront...   Read more

      EP11 Free and Fair Press

          Aired On :  February 16, 2015

        When the press exposes Vadero Pajero’s corruption, he tries to buy them off instead. When this fails, he kidnaps one of the news anchors. Inspector Mooli is in full Sherlock Holmes mode and discover...   Read more

        EP10 Say No To Drugs

            Aired On :  February 13, 2015

          Baba Bandook uses his henchmen to trick the entire town into buying a “magical potion” with a false promise of giving people beauty, intelligence, and strength. Upon consuming this potion, the tow...   Read more

          EP9 Mooli Cries Wolf

              Aired On :  February 12, 2015

            Papa Mooli erects a scarecrow as the kids help harvest the bumper crop at the Mooli farm. All of Halwapur has had a productive yield this harvest. Baba Bandook replaces the scarecrows at the farms wit...   Read more

            EP8 Cricket Match

                Aired On :  February 11, 2015

              Play sports fairly and honestly / Anti match fixing message Vadero Pajero announces a cricket match with a twist - the winner takes it all. Whoever wins becomes the ruler of Halwapur. In a high stakes...   Read more

              EP7 Elections

                  Aired On :  February 10, 2015

                It is election time in Halwapur and the candidates are the corrupt Vadero Pajero and honest Sheikh Khushi. Realizing he has no support in Halwapur, Vadero Pajero enlists Baba Bandook’s help to try a...   Read more

                EP6 Markhor in Danger

                    Aired On :  February 9, 2015

                  The children are delighted to find a beautiful Markhor, (a giant mountain goat with magnificent horns and an endangered species). The Markhor horns are prized across the world and sold in illegal trad...   Read more

                  EP5 Fake Books

                      Aired On :  February 6, 2015

                    Immu and Mooli are surprised to discover a new teacher at their school, who has brought some strange new books. The new teacher is actually, Tinda (evil Baba Bandook’s henchman) in disguise. The boo...   Read more

                    EP4 Mand Control

                        Aired On :  February 5, 2015

                      Baba Bandook is sick and tired of Halwapur's women having an equal role in the workplace and comes up with a dastardly new plan. Baba Bandook and his henchmen invent the Mand Control Machine (Mand is ...   Read more

                      EP3 Rocket Rickshaw 2

                          Aired On :  February 4, 2015

                        Immu and Mooli are in the biggest danger they've ever faced. After being lured into the Rocket Rickshaw they are sold to a beggars’ gang and taken to the strange city of Mirchipur. There, a professi...   Read more

                        EP2 Rocket Rickshaw

                            Aired On :  February 3, 2015

                          The children can't wait to enjoy all the fun at the annual town festival. Dr. Rocket, a stranger at the festival, lures the children into a ride on his Rocket Rickshaw, an amazing rickshaw that can ac...   Read more

                          EP1 Polio

                              Aired On :  February 2, 2015

                            Panic strikes the city when the deadly polio virus is detected. Baba Bandook seeks to inflict misery on the townspeople and hence steals the polio vaccines and kidnaps the health worker. Mooli, with h...   Read more