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We are happy to see you on the About Us page. As you are surfing this page for knowing about the but before that I want you to clear that MuzEnt is not just a site where you can get news about music, entertainment or about fashion but its a Hub for promotion of under ground artists. Now you can read all thing about us. Idea of MuzEnt: One day I was doing using facebook while idea of muzent came in mind. I thought that I should create a site which cover the both major topics of industry which is Music and Entertainment.After that I was worried for choosing the name of site, then I chooses the first three starting letter of the both words which would cover the topics of site. Besides this I wanted to promote the underground artists who have real talent but none knows them. Our Passion: All other sites have few or more mission but we don’t have any mission but we have the passion to provide you the quality content about Music and Entertainment. Did I mention that we will promote the real artists? Yeah we will provide a platform to all those artists who have Art but they are unable to show their arts to world. We will do this job for them for free IN SHA ALLAH. Team: If I talk about the team then till now I am the single person who is working for the muzent. But in future when muzent will get with help of Allah then MuzEnt will have a team.

Maham Shakir


Nagina Arsal


Shyam Yadav


Arsalan Ahmed Chawla

ArsalanAhmed Chawla

Amoon Non


Mutahir Jilani


Syed Jafri


Säm Køhlï


Ahsan Hyder


Muhammad Rasheed


Muhammad Khan






Zenia Khan

Zenia Khan

MAnni Smie


Õmår Méhår

Omar Farooq Mehar

It's for Musicians n Photographers <3

Khuram Ali Anwar


Nasir Rizvi


Abdul Hameed


Ur Crush


Jawwad Saif


Da'oud Rashid

Daoud Rashid

Muhammad Waqas


Muhammad MubashXr

MS Music Band

OFFICIAL MS FAN PAGE! Contact:0321-7813058

Sajjad Fahim


Ammar Ali Mirza

AmmarAli Mirza

Syed Ather

State life insurance company

Mutahir Siddiqui


Ramit Mashta




We are obsolete. A progressive rock band. From islamabad facebook link

Tripet Garielle

Tripet Garielle

An Artist with a Vision - As her unique voice continues to attract increased fans worldwide, she has a clear vision to ‘crack Bollywood as a British Artist and to ‘crack Bollywood’ as a British Artist. She is extremely hands-on with her art crossing over multiple genres and languages and is on route to be the number one artist of World Music by mid 2016. Like no other Artist she comes with a story – a story of years of dedication to achieve her dream to sing in language she cannot speak but so much admires. A singer who was told for 5 years she couldn’t sing in the language of Bollywood, only to have proved them all wrong. As an Artist she has upmost attention to detail and has a vision both in the recording studio and on set for her music videos. She now prepares to release her Debut Solo Album capturing audiences across India & Worldwide territories. By end of 2015 she seeks to engage fans in the millions with her Debut Album. In June 2014, Tripet Garielle has successfully launched worldwide with her Debut single ‘Palkaan’ hitting all major Bollywood music channels, (B4U & Zing) major newspapers (Eastern Eye) and TV and radio (BBC, Venus TV.). Within a month of launch she already has 50k views on you tube, thousands of followers on Facebook and growing fanbase on twitter and Instagram. Released in November 2014, her second single ‘Aaz Ma Le - Test Me, is an exciting mix of rock & funk with Bollywood appealing to a globally universal market. Her video represents her eccentric and eye catching ideas and has had phenomenal feedback by listeners.

Poor Rich Boy

Poor Rich Boy

Poor Rich Boy, Pakistan’s underground indie-art rock phenomenon, conjures the strangeness of everyday life in a society where expressing one’s inner world can be both a cathartic and subtly rebellious act. Enigmatic and layered, the band’s striking vocals, atmospheric sounds, and the occasional kazoo create a crystalline sound that suggests, but rarely reveals.

Sid Mr Rapper

Sid (Mr.Rapper)

This is the OFFICIAL PAGE of Sid(MR Rapper) Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you'll stay and contribute!....nd concert booking contact no..03348678796(manager .Dj dany)

Nishtar Park

Nishtar Park

Nishtar Park is a Karachi-based rock band. Members: Ali Raj - Vocals Mikhyle Anthony - Guitars Ahsun Tariq - Guitars Shane Anthony - Percussions/Drums Arnold Anthony - Drums/Guitars Vernon Arthur - Bass Abdullah Ibrahim - Tabla/Keys

Rakae Rehman Jamil

Rakae Jamil

Muniba Mazhari's Song - a cover of Noor Jehan's "Silsilay Tor Gaya" Produced by Rakae Jamil and Kami Paul from Taaristan Studios Vocals: Muniba Mazhari Percussions and Guitar: Kami Paul Flute: Waqas Ali Sitar: Rakae Jamil