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S.m. Junaid

Syed Ali

Taimoor Bajwa

Syed Tirmizi

Usman Jamil

Mouiza Zafar

Syed Rafey

em a person with two eyes two ears two eye brows two hands two legs 32 teeths 1 nose two feets 1 soul with smart body :P

Syed Ali

Raza Khalil

Nasir Cheema

Arshad Mehmood

Yahya Khawaja

Awais Ahmed Rao

I know myself quite dont try to tell me... i love my own Atittude..bit social and quite rude to. :P

Syed Jafri

Dont know !!!

Ali Asgher

Zats Zee

Innocent Dove

Ali Daniyal

If you are bad so I am your DAD

Khizar Ahmed

Doing MBA from Iqra University

Hafsa Tahir

Nofil Jibran

Itz Kinda Hard 2 Explain Ur Self 0hkk Let Me Try......Pr0uD......Itz A C0mment Which I 0ften Received But Reality Iz Diff......I M Much P0ssessive Abt Whom I Love A L0T.....Ma Family Meanz De W0rld 2 Me.....Ma Friendz R 0ne 0f the Maj0r Reas0n Why I Am Still Alive N I Make Sure I Am There When They Need Me.....I Hate the People Who Try 2 Be Smart N When They Talking L0udly.....I Luv Sincerity and I Try My Best 2 Sincere Wid De People....I'm Freed0m L0ving Pers0n......I Am Happy the Way I Am....I Like pPl 2 Live & Let Live...I D0n't Intrude In Any0ne's Pers0nal Affairz..... I Luv 2 S0lve Mysteries..... I've My Own Phil0sphy 2wards Aspects Of Life.. I Believe In Simple Living High Thinking.....Am N0t Interested In Making New Friendz S0 Strangers PlZ Kn0ck Sum Other Pr0file N Simply BUZZ OFF ..!!!! I am ♥ Nice ♥ Loving ♥ Caring ♥ Dashing ♥ Intelligent ♥ Adorable ♥ Marvelous ♥ Attractive ♥ Friendly ♥ Lovely Attitude ♥ faithful ♥ ambitious ♥sensitive ♥ silent ♥ very good in hide emotions ♥ love to sleep ♥ full of good qualities ♥ Responsible ♥ Exciting to be Around ♥ Nice Always ♥ Dependable ♥ Smiles a Lot ♥ Friendly Personality ♥ Outstanding ♥ Really Great Memories ♥ Excellent Listener ♥ Very Kind ♥ Enjoyable ♥ Benevolent ♥ charming ♥ Dazzling ♥ dedicated ♥ Exquisite ♥ elegant ♥ Fantastic ♥ Happy face ♥ ideal ♥ Naughty ♥ Optimistic ♥ Remarkable ♥ Thoughtful ♥ Unique ♥ Ubiquitous ♥ Very-Cool ♥ Wonderful ♥ Alluring ♥ Appealing ♥ Glamorous ♥ Naughty Eye ♥ catching ♥ Striking ♥ Fascinating ♥ Seductive ♥ Sparkling ♥ Full of life ♥ Shining ♥ Vivacious ♥ Energetic ♥ turner ♥ Seductive ♥ Humorous ♥ Stunning ♥ Superb ♥ Exquisite ♥ Fabulous ♥ Excellent ♥ Exceptional ♥ Terrific ♥ Glittering ♥ Tempting ♥ Persuasive ♥ Influential ♥ Credible ♥ grabbing ♥ Impressive ♥ Marvelous ♥ Prominent ♥ Pleasing ♥ Extraordinary ♥ Congenial ♥ Good-natured ♥ Amazing ♥ Tremendous ♥ Elegant ♥ Fashionable ♥ Well-groomed ♥ Stylish ♥ Chic ♥ Neat ♥ Graceful ♥ Pleasing to Eye ♥ b3st ♥ Hon3st ♥ Pr3cIouS ♥ Awesome ♥ Hearted ♥ Lively ♥ Funny ♥ Independent ♥ l0vnG ♥ Dedicated ♥ Mesmerizing ♥ Optimistic ♥ Young ♥ master ♥ decorator ♥ Sympathetic ♥ Athletic ♥ Warm ♥ Attentive ♥ Gallant ♥ Funny Creative ♥ Tender ♥ Strong ♥ Tolerant ♥ Prudent ♥ Ambitious Capable ♥ Courageous ♥ Determined ♥ True ♥ Dependable ♥ Passionate ♥ Love shopping ♥ honest ♥ Moody ♥ Sentimental ♥ Guides others physically ♥ mentally Sensitive ♥ Shy ♥ Wild ♥ Strong sense ♥ sharp Judge people ♥ Hardworking ♥ Loves to be alone ♥ Confident ♥ Fit ♥ Liberal♥ Open-minded ♥ Positive ♥ Romantic ♥ Words r Finished But Still Couldn’t Fully Describe

Faizan Siddique

Ahmed Tanvir

Humza Mughal

Full Name : Humza Asif Mughal Birth Place : Saudia- Arabia BirthDay : 4 November 1995 . HOBBIES Music Study Guitar Novel Reading Favourite Colour : Black Blue White Favourite Dish : Mostly Chinnese Briyani Chicken . I Think That "Music" Is Only The Thing Which Can Express Your Feelings ..... █║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║█ ║█║▌│█│║▌║▌│║█▌

Yousuf Khan

Junaid Saim

*trust is like a paper once its crumpled it cant be perfect again.

Muhammad Hashir Fazal

Idealist & optimistic by thoughts Caring, loving and sensitive by nature I believe in truth and sincerity Yes I am not perfect i have some flaws in me and one of them is em angry young man cant control my self but tht is only when something happens against my rules and thoughts !!! I took commerce as my educational path but realize soon what i am made for, Cant say myself IT pro but yes em IT student !! #Sufism #Poetry #Singing Damn too patriot one should not doubt on it and Proud Imranian <3 Preet na kejeou panchi jaise Jal sokhay urr jayay Preet tou kejou machli jaise Jal soukhay mar jayay… (Do not adulate like a bird As it drinks water and fly-by Adore like a fish As it dies without water)

Rana Mursleen

__ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥______ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ __ღ♥Kind_____ღ♥____ღ♥Awesome_ღ♥ _ღ♥Big_____Heart____Of________ Goldღ♥ ღ♥Nice_________Honest_____Kindheartedღ♥ ღ♥Funny_________**____________Laughღ♥ ღ♥Cool___________V________Best friendღ♥ ღ♥Trust________________________Funღ♥ ღ♥Sweet___________________SpeciaLღ♥ _ღ♥Talent________________Amazingღ♥ __ღ♥Inspire______________Happyღ♥ ____ღ♥Care___________Beautifulღ♥ ______ღ♥Unique________Loveღ♥ ________ღ♥Best______Goodღ♥ ___________ღ♥_ Smile_ ღ♥ _____________ღ♥________

Kamran Abid

I never loved another person the way I loved myself. I celebrate myself, and sing myself.

Sunny Lazy

Raza Haider

Farrah Khan

Mian Fahad

Adnan Sabiree

Hazaron Sal Nargis Apni bey nori per roti hai. Bari Mushkil say hota hai chamman mein deeda war paida

Muhammad Nabeel