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Faraz Anwar

Faraz Anwar is a Pakistani Rock guitarist, known for his solo instrumental work and his band Mizraab.

Samee'a Jamal

I Love... <3 My Allaah <3 My Prophet (P.B.U.H) <3 My Parents <3 My SiblinGs <3 My Friends <3

Muhammad Rahman

Kot Basira

Ijaz Ahmed

Urooj Meru


Jessica Mora

fuck uuuuuuu :)

Waqas Raza

درویشِ خدا مست نہ شرقی ہے نہ غربی گھر میرا نہ دلی، نہ صفاہاں، نہ سمر قند

Mah Jabeen

i am the 1 who always support my self..i dont love my self,,i only believe in me..

Asad Tanoli

i donT pander for admiration i'm just ME

Aly Meru

I don't like to commit myself about heaven and hell - you see, I have friends in both places I am of a sect by myself, as far as I know...

Dost Ali

loveing, caring, responsiable, honest, loyal, sensative, honest, and help the other peopels. alwz speak truth.

Mudassir Mohiuddin

Xyed Xarmad

Let it be a Mystery...

Ali Uzair

Young Desi

Facebook : Twitter :

Mehboob Kumar

Salman Shakir

Rafay Mahmood


Umair Jaswal (born Umair Majeed Jaswal; Dec 20, 1986) is a rock musician from Islamabad Pakistan best known as the lead vocalist and Lyricist for Qayaas and as the former lead vocalist for Silver Smoke. Umair’s signature prowess as a musician is gene

Kaori Takada

Meditation Facilitator Reiki Master

Uday Solanki

i m sensitive but not experience

Sajawal Jutt

Umair Bhatti

DrAmjad Shahani

Simple Person, Married, Do not know but 60s and 70s Era attracts me more

Sufyan Mughal

Falakzeb Khan

MUSIC MY LIFE...MUSIC MY SOUL..! well guys i am FALAKZEB..a 6 feet 3 inches guy, by profession a singer,a composer,a songwriter and an arranger..,a pure isloo who luvs islamabad more than Vegas.Humble,down to earth n pretty aggressive in my approach towards life..towards my goals.Doing music since the age of 9,i consider myself a student and a true follower of music.Uptill now i made 350+ songs in my composing library.Currently working on my debut album with the finest renowned musicians of pakistan like the maestro DJ ALI MUSTAFA(produced roxen,jal,annie,strings,omer inayat,shafqat amanat ali n the list goes on to the limits)and BAQIR ABBAS(music producer of coke studio,BOL the movie,ali zafar,hadiqa kiyani,sajjad ali and the names are infinte)As far as Album's depth is concerned.. me its gona be a big one...not because of its mine,but because of its impeccable production in terms of everything.I m trying very hard to make its every single aspect top notch in terms of production,quality and material,u r definitely going to love it inshaALLAH..ur wait will be worth of it thats a promise...the album will be out pretty soon in the out 4 it !!!

Ali Jeffo

Ali Raza Jaffrey (Ali Jeff) Music Producer \ Composer & Pianist

Puffadders Qalandar

-_.._-Faqir ey Shaah’e La-Fataa Hoon Main-_.._-


Raahim Rizwan

Abdullah Qureshi

Abdullah Qureshi (born August 6, 1993) is a singer/musician from Islamabad, Pakistan. Famous for his covers, the "Sufi Medley" and his first original "Tere Liye", Abdullah has been performing live with his band all accross the country.

Sajid Satti


Adeel Chaudhry

Adeel who threw his debute "Mere Haniya" in early 2007 and then "Kissay Awaz Don" was then came up with his debute album "Koi Chehra" with the video of "Koi Chehra" in 2008. Adeel Choudhary has perfomed in many concerts nationally & also internationl