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Shahshams Zaheer

i'm not your regular meow cat.

Anand Hegde

Poor Rich Boy

Enigmatic and layered, the band’s striking vocals, atmospheric sounds, and the occasional kazoo create a crystalline sound that suggests, but rarely reveals.

Raavail Sattar


Soch, the band, comprises of two very talented musicians, Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed. FB: Twitter: @bandsoch Website: Email: Press E-mail:

Ehtesham Hussain

Afrah Masood

CEO PMR & PMB | PR Manager Soch | Asst-2-Director Nescafe Basement | Proud of #Awari #Soch #EkVillain | Im my own diva | Deaf 2 bullshit Twitter | @connect2afi PMB | PMR |

Talal Rashid


Jehangir Khan

simple, lazy, a bit silent & non-caring

Taha Orawala

Mudassar Sattar

Usman Ghauri

Artist | Music Producer

Khawar Naeem


Well newly founded band

Misbah Nazir

'Sublime and Beautiful'

Taneem Khan

Kittenish Sparrow

i m a nice person who you can trust. by making me your friend you will not re grate so be my friend♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ As I sat to write I remember nothing, think nothing and I just feel the silence of the night, It never scares me, the silence that is.. It always indulges my thoughts, it always purifies my soul, my tired little soul which is always trying to adjust to the wayward ways of life, battling the crowd and the noise. I feel lost in the crowd, Words feel like bullets and people make me feel alone. I have no answers for questions, I just move on with life, when someone asks me why I am the way I am, I just smile, Why? Does anyone find the answer for this? No. When the sun rises tomorrow I will wake up to the bright light falling into my lap, I get ready, I take a mask and wear it on my face, the mask of intelligence, the mask of confidence and the mask of smile and the cheerful me walks into the world, I blink for a moment at the brightness, and then I am a part of it all. But tonight, its just me and my thoughts, I am not lonely, I am just alone, no masks and no fear, no artificial smiles and I feel relieved, in the darkness the memories cover me up, and I just look into the sky, looking a the twinkling sky filled with stars a small smile comes on to my face, memories.....

Naim Raisullah

Jawad Ali

Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music

Alamdar Sherazi

Cuckoo Tahir

Manoher Lal

Khawaja Bilal

Inayat Balouch

i will tell you later

Zaheer Iqbal

Abuzar Naqvi

Naveed Hussain

Zubair Khan

Sanam Khan

I just wish I knew the world a bit better.

Rozina Aftab

Doodh Patti

Doodh Patti is an independent music platform that allows people from different backgrounds to come together and collaborate, discovering & creating music that is unique. Description Doodh Patti is an independent music platform that allows people from different backgrounds to come together and collaborate, discovering & creating music that is unique. The show is produced by Taimoor Mirza, who after dedicating 15 years of his life to music, is finally launching Doodh Patti this year in June. Hassan Naeem, from Channel-Tek-Islamabad, having years of expertise in field of Professional Audio, Video, media and technology, is providing Taimoor Mirza’s with full technical support along with production facility into making "Doodh Patti" a successful endeavour. Doodh Patti will be regularly featuring performance sessions of various artists. It inspires to be a platform for renowned and upcoming, less mainstream artists from various genres and languages. Doodh Patti will also showcase Pakistan’s rich music culture by presenting traditional artists, folk music influences and regional instruments. Join us to experience Doodh Patti’s true essence through its magical musical journey this year. (Video and mp3 files for each song will be available for download on the website after release. Follow Doodh Patti on on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook)

Xainab Haider

Farwah Ali

Peace Grip

Follow the updates of Pakistani Rap Crew; Peace GRIP Official Facebook FanPage For Bookings : Tousif Abbasi(Manager - Peace GRIP) || Voice : +92-343-8500539 || Mail :